Trinity and Participation


Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy

July 12-15, 2016
Regent’s Park College, Oxford

Trinity and Participation:  Engaging and Celebrating the Work of Paul Fiddes

YSBA is delighted to honor Dr. Paul S. Fiddes, Professor of Systematic Theology at Oxford University and Principal Emeritus of Regent’s Park College. Author of ten books, Dr. Fiddes’ work spans the disciplines of theology, biblical wisdom tradition, literature, Baptist identity, and culture.  Dr. Fiddes is an ordained Baptist minister and committed ecumenist whose work reflects a commitment to both church and academy.


Adam Glover Glover YSBA 2016 Partakers

Kate Hanch Hanch YSBA 16 Participation

Steve Harmon Harmon YSBA 16 Trinitarian

Stephanie Peek Peek YSBA 16 Sacrifice

Christopher Schelin Schelin YSBA 16 Alive

David Wilmington wilmington ysba 16 harmonius