Keynote lecture:  Barry Harvey, Baylor University “Into Lands as Yet Unknown: The Church’s Vocation of Not Belonging”

  • Barry Jones “The Faithful Community of the Book of Daniel as a Scriptural Model for Baptist Witness in a Post-Constantinian Age” ysba 13 barry Jones
  • Mark Medley “Capacitated for Living Baptismally: Martyrial Living, Liturgical Asceticism, and Quotidian Existence” medley ysba 13 essay
  • Philip Thompson “With and Against the Baptists: Seeking the Possibilities for a Theology of Freedom” Thompson YSBA 2013
  • James King, Jr “Witness to the State is Not Constantianism: Against Hauerwasian Politics”ysba 13 king
  • Mack Dennis “Anarchy in the Pulpit: Anti-Propagandistic Preaching in a Post-Constantian Age” DennisYSBA2013
  • Stephen Chapman “The Old Testament and the Church after Christendom” chapman ysba 13,
  • Aaron James “The Church’s Witness in a Post-Christian World Through Cora Diamond and Luther King, Jr.” James%20YSBA%20Final
  • Melody Maxwell“To Set at Liberty Them That are Bruised: Evaluating the Activist Missiology of Samuel G. Pinnock in Nigeria, 1889-1924” Maxwell YSBA paper 2013
  • Jonathan Sands Wise“Bored Baptists: Recreating Communities of Constancy” sands wise ysba 2013


  • Barry Harvey, Baylor University, Senior scholar
  • Doug Henry, Baylor University
  • Brad Creed, Samford University, planning team
  • Sheila Klopfer, Georgetown College, planning team
  • Beth Newman , Baptist Theological Seminary of Richmond
  • Andy Chambers, Missouri Baptist University, planning team
  • Roger Ward, Georgetown College, planning team