Chaminade University • Honolulu, Hawaii

Baptists throughout their 400 year history have challenged received conceptions of ecclesiology, theology, interpretations of scripture, and church practices. While honoring its heritage, Baptist visions of church life continue to develop with new conversation partners such as Ecumenists and Roman Catholics. Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy invites essays that explore themes that include but are not limited to: church practices that are most significant in the development of Baptist faith, unique contributions to the larger Christian community from Baptist scholars or in relation to Baptist life, theological developments encouraging the development of Baptist faith communities, and the dependence of Baptist faith and life on a renewed understanding of scripture. The Seminar is scheduled in coordination with the Baptist World Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our senior scholar is Dr. Paul Fiddes, Professor of Theology, Regents Park College, Oxford

 CDAL Group 2



 Keynote address: Dr. Paul Fiddes, Regent’s Park College, Oxford, “Dual citizenship in Athens and Jerusalem: the place of the scholar in the life of the church”Athens and Jerusalem_the Christian scholar_v2.710

  • Aaron James,“Eucharistic Identity and Analogous Uses of Language” James YSBA 2010
  • Bryan Hollon,“Knowledge of God as Assimilation and Participation” Hollon YSBA – Knowledge of God as Assimilation and Participation
  • Douglas Henry, “The End(s) of Baptist Dissent”
  • David Wilmington,  “Metaphysics and the Baptist Academy: Baptist Resources for Contemporary Theology” YSBA2010 WilmingtonPaper
  • Scott Moore, “The Rough Ground and the Consolations of Techne” Moore-YSBA2010
  • Neil R. Beavan,“Stanley Grenz’s Eschatology As An Orienting Motif: A Practical Theological Approach to Transforming the Ministry”   Beavan
  • Chad Eggleston, “Beyond Baptist Prooftexting: Gathered Church/Gathered Text” ysba10_eggleston_rtf
  • Mandy McMichael, “Misusing God’s Word: Prooftexting in Church and Culture” McMichael_YSBA_2010
  • Mack Dennis,“Toward a Homiletics of Reconciliation: How Karl Barth’s Use of Enemy
  • Language in Church Dogmatics Models a More Faithful Grammar for Preaching” Mack Dennis YSBA



  • Paul Fiddes Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Oxford; Senior Scholar
  • Scott Moore, Baylor University,  Consultant
  • James D. Anderson,  University of Kentucky, Emeritus, Consultant
  • Douglas Henry, Baylor University
  • Beth Newman, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
  • Sheila Klopfer,Georgetown College
  • Andy Chambers, Missouri Baptist Univeristy
  • Roger Ward, Georgetown College