August 4-8, 2009 • Regent’s Park College, Oxford

The significance of literature for the development of Christian faith and Baptist identity is evident in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Daniel Defoe’s novels, and classics such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. Because theology and literature often provide complementary visions of the world, faithful men and women frequently appeal to imaginative fiction—in the form of novels, plays, short stories, and poetry—to open the life of faith to richer expression and understanding.

Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy will convene a select group of participants across academic disciplines to explore topics related to the literary imagination in Baptist life. We invite essays that explore this theme in various ways, including but not limited to:

  • Which literary voices are significant in the development of Baptist faith?
  • What unique contributions to the academic study of literature emerge from Baptist scholars or in relation to Baptist life?
  • How might literature enrich Baptist life and practice?
  • How might Baptist faith and life be enriched by a renewed understanding of the literary aspects of scripture



Keynote Lecture: Ralph Wood, Baylor University “Pope Benedict, Flanery O’Conner and Divine Eros” Benedict Oconner and Eros Ralph Wood ysba 9


  • Ralph Wood, Baylor University, Senior Scholar
  • Paul Fiddes Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Oxford;
  • Scott Moore, Baylor University,  Consultant
  • James D. Anderson,  University of Kentucky, Emeritus, Consultant
  • Douglas Henry, Baylor University
  • Beth Newman, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
  • Margaret Watkins, Baylor Univeristy
  • Andy Chambers, Missouri Baptist Univeristy
  • Roger Ward, Georgetown College