July 29 – August 1, 2008 • Georgetown College

Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy invites essays on the theology and ethics of peace, race, and reconciliation. Baptist voices have contributed to the religious, political, and academic discourse in America in formative ways. T.B. Maston, Glen Stassen and James McClendon represent significant strands in the developing ethical consciousness of Baptists in America. Charles Marsh’s recent work on the development of African-American ethical thinking highlights the courage needed for speaking for racial equality to a religious culture dominated by powerful supporters of segregation, many of them also Baptist. This internal conflict is one aspect of the continuing development of a Baptist understanding of ethics. Martin Luther King and Clarence Jordan and Cornel West represent the prophetic character of Baptist ethics, proclaiming the challenge emerging from their Baptist communities and roots directed to the society at large.


  • Andy Black, University of Dayton “Complex Connectivity and the Quest for Christian Community”Andrew_Black YSBA 2008
  • Travis Bott, Emory University “Baptist Ethics and Biblical Prayer” bottYSBA paper
  • Mike Broadway, Shaw University “Everybody Talking ‘Bout Heaven Ain’t Goin’ There: Mainstream Baptist Theological Ethics Confronting Whiteness”
  • Coleman Fannin, University of Virginia “The Underside of Religious Liberty: Baptists, Catholics, and Moral Formation in America”08 YSBA fannin Presentation
  • Jacob Goodson, University of Virginia “The Baptist Vision and the Beloved Community: The Promise of Josiah Royce’s Theory of Interpretation for Baptist Theology” aquinas-and-baptistsgoodson
  • Bryan Langlands, Georgetown College “Choose this Day Whom You Will Serve: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, the Call to Relocation and the  Moral Tasks of Domiciliary and Ecclesial Code”  Langlands Domiciliary Choice as Moral Task
  • Robert Wallace, Shorter College “Baptist Voices for Religious Tolerance in an Age of Globalization”
  • Andy Watts, Belmont University “Salvaging the Baptist Political Hermeneutic, Salvaging Racial Reconciliation” Salvaging the Baptist-watts


  • Beth Newman, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Senior Scholar
  • Sam Roberts, Union Theological Seminary, Consultant
  • Glenn Hinson, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Consultant
  • Curtis Freeman, Duke Divinity School, Consultant
  • Andy Chambers, Planning Team
  • Douglas Henry, Planning Team
  • Margaret Tate, Planning Team
  • Roger Ward, Planning Team