July 17-21, 2007 • Regents Park College, Oxford, UK

The influence of Baptist organizations and individuals on American and global society in advancing the common good is evident through the widespread sponsorship of healthcare, orphanages, colleges and universities, participation in politics, business and research, as well as the church, missions, and evangelism. The tension inherent in understanding the common good as a motivating force in an ecclesial body is evident in Baptist history and in our present experience. “The common good” raises rich theological, philosophical and social/political questions for the Baptist academy. We invite essays that explore the meaning and challenge of Baptists and the common good.



  • Barry Hankins, Baylor University, Senior Scholar
  • Barry Harvey, Baylor University, Consultant
  • Douglas Henry, Baylor University
  • Margaret Tate, Baylor University
  • Elizabeth Newman, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
  • Andy Chambers, Missouri Baptist University
  • Roger Ward, Georgetown College