July 24-28, 2006 • Regents Park College, Oxford, UK

Protestants of various stripes including Baptists are turning regularly to the roots of their faith traditions for a richer understanding of worship and witness. The work of theologians such as Thomas Oden, Robert Webber, and Daniel Williams, the appearance of biblical commentary series such as theAncient Christian Commentary on Scripture (IVP) and the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible (Brazos Press), the dialogues between Baptists and Roman Catholics in contexts such as Evangelicals and Catholics Together, and the development of university curricula that give attention to Christian traditions indicate the extent to which Baptists have joined other Christians in affirming and appropriating that which has been “handed over” to them, in the etymological sense of traditio.



  • Glenn Hinson, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Bapto Catholics Bapto Catholic Hinson YSBA 06
  • Curtis Freeman, Duke Divinity School “Alterity and Its Cure”  freeman Alterity and Its Cure
  • Scott Moore, Baylor University
  • Douglas Henry, Baylor University
  • Margaret Tate, Baylor University
  • Elizabeth Newman, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
  • Andy Chambers, Missouri Baptist Univerisity
  • Roger Ward, Georgetown College