August 3-7, 2005  Regent’s Park College, Oxford

This seminar meeting focuses on the promise and perils of Baptist higher education, with an emphasis on the vocation of Christian scholars.  What does it mean to be a scholar in the Baptist tradition? How can Baptist faith enrich and sustain the life of the mind? What special contributions might Baptist colleges make to the ecology of American higher education and to the life of the Church? Which distinctive Baptist practices bear directly on intellectual life, and how might they be nurtured to better effect?   While the disciplines represented by the authors range from theology and philosophy to history and biblical studies, the common virtue of these essays is the clear articulation of critical aspects of scholarship.  We confront pivotal issues for Baptist scholarship and the life of the mind by exposing deep ideological divides in Christian tradition, the practice of scriptural interpretation, the philosophical ground of Christian higher education, and more contemporary divides, no less deep, occurring within Baptist identity itself.


  • Paul Fiddes, Principal, Regent’s Park College, Oxford “Christianity, Culture and Education: A Baptist Perspective” Fiddes Christianity Culture Education Baptist Perspective
  • Barry Harvey Associate Professor of Theology, Baylor University, “Society as a Function of Education: Thoughts on the Future of Christian Higher Education”
  •  Andrew Chambers, Associate Professor of Bible and Vice President for Student Development, Missouri Baptist University
  • Douglas Henry Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director, Institute for Faith and Learning, Baylor University. “Can Baptist Theology Sustain the Life of the Mind?  The Quest for a Vital Baptist Academy”
  •  Elizabeth Newman Professor of Theology and Ethics,Baptist Theological Seminar at Richmond,  “The Politics of Higher Education:How the Love of Hospitality Offers an Alternative” newman Education Love
  •  Margaret Watkins Tate Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University
  • Roger Ward, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown College “Baptist Higher Education and the Kingdom of God” Ward Baptist Higher Education and the Kingdom of God



  •  Stephen Chapman, Assistant Professor of Religion, Divinity School and Religion Department, Duke University, “Interpreting the Old Testament into Baptist Life” chapmanBaptOT
  •  Chad Eggleston,PhD Candidate in Religion,Duke University, “Confessing Interpretations: Renaming “Theological Interpretation”
  •  Adam English,Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy,Campbell University, “The New Academic Freedom and the Changing Face of Baptist Higher Education English New Academic Freedom
  •  David Gushee,Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy and Senior Fellow. Carl FH Henry Center for Christian Leadership.,Union University, “Church, Culture, and Baptist Higher Education” YSBA Concluding Essay–Scholarly Life of Baptist Academy
  •  Thomas Kidd,Assistant Professor of History,Baylor University  “New Light Baptists and the Founding of the College of Rhode Island” Kidd Civil Powers Baptist Education
  •  Michael Lindsay,PhD Candidate in Sociology,Princeton University, “The Vocation of Baptist Higher Education”
  •  Scott Moore,Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director Great Texts Program, Baylor University, “The Predicament and the Promise of Young Baptist Scholars”


Participants and Personnel for the
Scholars in the Baptist Academy, 2005
Dr. Roger Ward
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Georgetown College
Seminar Guests/Consultants
Dr. Paul Fiddes
Regent’s Park College, Oxford
Dr. Barry Harvey
Associate Professor of Theology
Baylor University
Steering Committee
Dr. Andrew Chambers
Associate Professor of Bible and Vice President for Student
Missouri Baptist University
Dr. Douglas Henry
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director, Institute for Faith and
Baylor University
Dr. Elizabeth Newman
Professor of Theology and Ethics
Baptist Theological Seminar at Richmond
Dr. Margaret Watkins Tate
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Baylor University

Dr. Rosemary Allen
Provost/ Professor of English
Georgetown College
Dr. Stephen Chapman
Assistant Professor of Religion
Divinity School and Religion Department, Duke University
Mr. Chad Eggleston
PhD Candidate in Religion
Duke University
Dr. Adam English
Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy
Campbell University
Dr. David Gushee
Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy and Senior Fellow. Carl FH Henry Center for
Christian Leadership.
Union University
Dr. Thomas Kidd
Assistant Professor of History
Baylor University
Mr. Michael Lindsay
PhD Candidate in Sociology
Princeton University
Dr. Scott Moore
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director Great Texts Program
Baylor University