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Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy Call for Papers

Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy
July 12-15, 2016
Regent’s Park College, Oxford

Trinity and Participation:  Engaging and Celebrating the Work of Paul Fiddes

YSBA is delighted to honor Dr. Paul S. Fiddes, Professor of Systematic Theology at Oxford University and Principal Emeritus of Regent’s Park College. Author of ten books, Dr. Fiddes’ work spans the disciplines of theology, biblical wisdom tradition, literature, Baptist identity, and culture.  Dr. Fiddes is an ordained Baptist minister and committed ecumenist whose work reflects a commitment to both church and academy.

The theme “Trinity and participation” focuses on an idea central to the work of Dr. Fiddes—that the Trinity, far from an abstract doctrine, is an invitation to see our lives as participating in the Divine life (2 Pet 1:4). To this end, he retrieves the language of “perichoresis” for which one powerful image is a ‘dance,’ to point to God’s being as inherently relational, so that “everything created must be participating in the divine rhythms of life and love, not just humans.”

Such a perspective raises a number of possible questions for potential paper proposals from across the disciplines:

  • What biblical and theological resources help make sense of participation in the Triune life of God?
  • How can a theology of participation in God’s life give shape to a political theology/a theology of common goods in a 21st century pluralistic culture?
  • How might a theology of participation in God’s life renew/transform Baptist theology, ecclesiology, worship, or eschatology?
  • How may a theology of participation in the Triune life of God not only ground but also nurture the encounter of theology and the mystical?
  • Wherein and whereby do literature, painting, music, or other forms of culture exemplify participatory sharing in the divine life of the Trinity?
  • How should practices of marriage, parenting, family, friendship, and hospitality to strangers be shaped by a theology of participation in God’s life?

We invite 750 word abstracts on these topics, or topics related to the themes of Dr. Fiddes, from scholars identifying with the Baptist tradition or connected to a Baptist institution of higher education. Due March 30.  Participants receive a travel stipend of $1000 and room and board during the seminar.