Melinda triumphGeorgetown College gladly affirms its historic commitment to the preparation of ministers. Ministry Student Formation (MSF) is a ministry network designed to facilitate students of all majors as they discern their Christian vocation, calling, and ministry.

Through integrative resources, MSF trains men and women for life-long careers in gospel work by helping students to develop a faith that seeks understanding and practice.

MSF is one of the strongest student activity networks at Georgetown.

  • More than 10% of the student body self-identify as seriously considering careers in ministry.
  • More than 50 graduates of the College are now enrolled in seminary or graduate studies in religion.
  • Most recently, during the spring of 2007, 17 of our students were accepted into seminaries and theological graduate schools. They will be pursuing their seminary degrees in the fall.

Ministry Students 005In a nutshell, MSF prepares students to be scripturally, academically, and theologically reflective, while also serving as a resource for practical ministry opportunities to help students mature as Christian ministers.

Convinced that religion is an increasingly critical area of international relations, MSF encourages students to understand the cultures and religions of the world in addition to their own Christian tradition. MSF prepares ministers to articulate the good news of God through Jesus Christ our Lord in ways that are rooted in Holy Scripture, that are relevant to our times and that under gird the transformation of individuals, families, and nations.

MSF is under the general direction of Dr. Sheila Klopfer, Assistant Professor of Religion, but includes a collaborative initiative of faculty, staff, and ministers:

  • the Director of Religious Life (H.K. Kingkade);
  • the Director of Christian Leaders Scholars (Dr. Roger Ward);
  • local ministers and churches, and
  • the Missionary in Residence.

The faculty and staff leaders of MSF aspire to model for our students lives of service, faithfulness, integrity, and courage, drawing our own strength from the Lord Jesus Christ, risen from the dead.