A Faculty Seminar on Scholarship and Academic Vocation
May 31-June 2, 2011

The purpose of this seminar is to help faculty develop their self-understanding as scholars, to develop habits and practices that support continuing scholarly work, and to explore the breadth and the peculiar good of Christian scholarship.

Plan for the seminar: Participants will meet for three days (8:30-3:30). The first day we will listen to presentations from each participant on the five questions/prompts below. Day two will be devoted to habits and practices of continuing scholarly work for faculty with teaching responsibilities. Day three will explore the present shape of Christian scholarship and models for understanding the role of Christian scholarship in the academy and in our disciplines.


  1. What person inspired you to become a scholar, and how did it happen?
  2. Describe your most exhilarating academic experience.
  3. What are your immediate, mid-range, and long term scholarship goals?
  4. What worries or barriers most often interrupt your scholarly work?
  5. What might you do in the next year to increase your scholarly efficiency or productivity?


Each participant will receive a $300 stipend, materials, refreshments, and lunches during the seminar.

To apply, respond to Roger Ward with a paragraph describing your interest in the seminar by April 20, 2011. We are able to support a maximum of twelve participants. Choices of participants will be made by the Provost and the Director of the Center for Christian Discernment and Academic Leadership.


Dr. Susan Felch, Director of the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, and Professor of English

Dr. Roger Ward