The Christian Scholar program (CSP) is a carefully designed program to help students combine academic pursuit and Christian vocational living by focusing on learning, loving, and listening.

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1. CSP Directions

The summer before their freshmen fall semester, all CSP students attend Directions for a wonderful four-day adventure, making friends, and talking about God. CSP and Student Life partially funds the fees for Directions.

CSP helps to pay 75% of the expenses for this trip; the remaining discounted cost for CSP students is $50.

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2. Freshmen Fall Break Retreat

All CSP freshmen are required (and upper-classmen are welcome) to attend our annual fall break retreat in Hilton Head, SC. The retreat offers space to relax, build friendships, worshivolleyballp, break bread, and reflect on vocation.

We take up to 60 students and hang out on the beach, ride bikes, kayak, play games, and spend time in the evening in worship and Bible study break-out sessions. It’s a healthy mixture of relaxation and focus on God’s calling in our lives. The cost for the retreat is just $200, which includes two meals per day, travel, and hotel expenses.



3. A Vocations Course

During their four years, all CSP students will take a Vocations course, which explores what it means to be called by God to an action, a career, or a way of life. There are a number of Vocations courses offered during the students four years at Georgetown College:

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  • FDN 112 Discovering Vocation: This is a three-hour course for freshmen only. It is offered in the spring semester and focuses on reading, discussing, and writing about vocation. A spring break mission trip is required in the course.
  • PHI 395 Seminar on Vocation or REL 357 Theology and Vocation of the Cross: These 3 hour courses are offered in the spring by the Philosophy and Religion departments and focus on the meaning of calling and vocation. A spring break mission trip is required in the course.

Optional Opportunities

CSP offers a number of opportunities throughout the year that CSP students might choose to attend.

  • CSP Pizza Philton head 2012 jumpingarties and Gatherings (Opportunity): Periodically CSP directors will notify students of a CSP fellowship or gathering.
  • Senior Seminar (Opportunity): This is a one-hour independent study course with a faculty mentor to bring all the pieces of vocation discernment together.
  • International Travel (Opportunity): Students are encouraged to travel internationally for the purpose of academic study, ministry, or service activities.
  • Benediction Meal (Opportunity): Late in the spring semester, juniors and seniors will gather for a benediction meal to celebrate and share reflections on their vocational journeys. Seniors will be honored as they prepare to graduate.