The Christian Scholar program (CSP) is a carefully designed program to help students combine academic pursuit and Christian vocational living by focusing on learning, loving, and listening.

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1. CSP Directions

The summer before their freshmen fall semester, all CSP students attend Directions for a wonderful four-day adventure, making friends, and talking about God. CSP partially funds the fees for Directions.

2. Freshmen Fall Break Retreatvolleyball

All CSP freshmen are required (and upper-classmen are welcome) to attend our annual fall break retreat in Hilton Head, SC. The retreat offers space to relax, build friendships, worship, break bread, and reflect on vocation.

3. A Vocations Course

During their four years, all CSP students will take a Vocations course, which explores what it means to be called by God to an action, a career, or a way of life. There are a number of Vocations courses offered during the students four years at Georgetown College:

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  • FDN 112 Discovering Vocation: This is a three-hour course for freshmen only. It is offered in the spring semester and focuses on reading, discussing, and writing about vocation. A spring break mission trip is required in the course.
  • PHI 395 Seminar on Vocation or REL 357 Theology and Vocation of the Cross: These 3 hour courses are offered in the spring by the Philosophy and Religion departments and focus on the meaning of calling and vocation. A spring break mission trip is required in the course.

Optional Opportunities

CSP offers a number of opportunities throughout the year that CSP students might choose to attend.

  • CSP Pizza Philton head 2012 jumpingarties and Gatherings (Opportunity): Periodically CSP directors will notify students of a CSP fellowship or gathering.
  • Senior Seminar (Opportunity): This is a one-hour independent study course with a faculty mentor to bring all the pieces of vocation discernment together.
  • International Travel (Opportunity): Students are encouraged to travel internationally for the purpose of academic study, ministry, or service activities.
  • Benediction Meal (Opportunity): Late in the spring semester, juniors and seniors will gather for a benediction meal to celebrate and share reflections on their vocational journeys. Seniors will be honored as they prepare to graduate.