Hello Friends,

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Christian Scholars program (CSP) at Georgetown College. We are the directors of CSP and are excited about building on the good work of Dr. Roger Ward, the former Director who is now the Director of the Center for Christian Discernment and Academic Leadership. Thank you for dropping by this website and taking time to find out about CSP. Let us tell you a little about the beginning of the program and its aims.

The Christian Scholars program (formerly known as Christian Leadership Scholarship or CLS) was established at Georgetown in 1980. In 2001 Georgetown College received a grant from the Lilly Endowment to provide programs for the “theological exploration of vocation,” and with this support we developed the current program elements — Freshmen CSP Directions Pre-Orientation Camp, Fall Break Retreat to Hilton Head, CSP Freshmen Seminar, Mission travel support, and the Seminar on Vocation. In 2010 we were honored to name our program for Cliff Childers, an outstanding lay person and friend of the college from Somerset, Kentucky.

The goal of the CSP program is to help students think about their future careers and education as a calling. We encourage students to use the resources of the Christian faith found in writings, personal contacts, classes, and travel experiences to develop a better understanding of what God desires for us.

On this site you will find several examples of reflective writing, a syllabus for Seminar on Vocation, and a description of what we do. From the student narratives you will see that vocation offers a rich and interesting perspective for students.

We hope that this website communicates the vitality of the students involved in this program and the many ways that we are learning to think about or vocation and the wonderfully rich lives God is calling us to.

Grace to You,

Dr. Jonathan Sand Wise and Dr. Sheila Klopfer