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World Without End:

The New Shape of World Christianity

The character of Christianity is changing rapidly as its center shifts to the Global South. African and Asian Christian communities are thriving in contexts of pluralism, immigration, and political repression. New theologies are  also emerging in these communities, expanding and challenging traditions. This conference explores the dynamics of change in the Body of Christ with the waning cohesion of Western and North American Christianity and the emerging need for new practices for participating in the living and growing community of Christian faith.


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Ensor Learning and Resource Center (LRC)
Ensor Learning and Resource Center (LRC)
400 E College St, Georgetown, KY 40324


Thursday Night Community Conversation
7pm | Ward Room, Ensor LRC
Conversation focused on Global Christianity
No registration needed for this event


Schedule of Plenary and Breakout Sessions – 



1:15-2:15 – Plenary Session, Ward Room – Raquel Contreras,  “The role of women in the changing of Latin American Christianity”


Ward Room – Robert Hunt (Perkins School of Theology) “Imagining global theological education freed from the dominant Western conversation around engaging modernity.”

Fireside Room- Karen Hartsfield, “What builds global Christian unity?”

3:00-3:10 – Break


Ward Room – Kyle Lambelet (Univ. Notre Dame) “Conflict and communion. How we deal with conflict.”

Fireside Room- Anthony Franklin “Jesus Politics: The Challenge of the People of God in the Gospels and Today. Jewish political group and what we do today.”

4:00-5:00 Redding Lecture – Ward Room LRC (Tiger Nexus)

World Without End: Pluralism, Migration, and the Next Christianity

Dr. Philip Jenkins
Distinguished Professor of History
Institute for Studies of Religion
Baylor University

5:00-7:00 – Dinner

7:00-8:30 – Community Conversation All Plenary Speakers – Ward Room LRC

A panel discussion with our speakers about the growth of world Christianity and its impact on Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  Questions will be taken from the audience.


9:00-10:00 Plenary Session – Ward Room LRC

Jehu Hanciles (Mercer University) “Strangers in the Family: How immigration is changing the Face of American Christianity”

10:00-10:10  – Break


Ward Room – Minlib Dallh and Paul Fiddes (Regents Park, Oxford) “A Common Word”

Fireside Room – Friendship International, “Ministry with women from many cultures”

11:00- Noon  Plenary Session – Ward Room LRC

Xi Lian (Duke Divinity School) “Accents of the Gospel in East Asia”

Noon – 1:30 – Plenary Session – Ward Room LRC


Ward Room – Levi Nkwocha, “African Neo-Pentocostal Charismatic Renewal and the Retrieval of African Traditional Religious Values”

Fireside Room – Stanley Cung, “Intercultural Theology/Hermeneutics”

2:15-2:25   Break


Ward Room – Eron Henry (Baptist World Alliance) “Real Roots and Potted Plants: The Indigenization of Global Baptist Witness”

Fireside Room – David Moe, “Intercultural Theology in the Context of World Christianity: Issues, Insights and Interactions”

3:15-4:15 Closing Plenary Session Ward Room LRC – Panel discussion.