Relig Life conference

Christ’s commission to make disciples of all the world, announcing the Good News of our resurrected Lord and the coming Kingdom of God through teaching, ministry, and baptism, is the foundation of our work as the church.

The church has developed many and varied practices to express their obedience to this command, while tradition, race, culture, and political and economic forces determine the ways communities of Christian faith carry out this work.  Since the church began, individual churches have created and refined practices of growing congregations and expanding ministries; in a new world of media, it often seems as if these practices have accelerated and proliferated.  As we move into the frontiers of a post-Christian era, the church in the Western world must find creative and critical ways of being salt and light in the world that beyond its borders and on its doorstep. Believing that the church is always in need of reforming as it lives out the Christian traditions, this new frontier is a challenging, but exciting impetus for church growth – physically, numerically, and spiritually. This conference invites lay people, church leaders, academics, and all people involved in Christian ministry to a conversation about best practices of growing the church and its ministries.  We encourage ideas and presentations from any tradition or denomination. Possible topics include:

  • Assessing community needs to focus ministry
  • Spiritual preparation by individuals and community for ministry practice
  • Use of media, social media, and technology in service to church and ministry growth
  • Church and community cooperation in addressing social problems
  • The role of education within the church for service and evangelism
  • The impact of cultural background and demographics on church and ministry participation.
  • Negotiating the political landscape for conducting ministry and congregational life
  • Scholarly resources for evaluating and refining church practices
  • Integrating proclamation and service as dimensions of Great Commission obedience

Overview of timeline

  •  Call for proposals – July 15
  • Proposals Due September 15
  • Decisions by October 15
  • Registration opens September 15.
  • Conference January 8-9, 2015

Schedule of Speakers and Sessions (tentative)


1-2:10 pm                Joe Phelps

230-345pm             Concurrent I

4-5:15pm                 Marjorie Thompson church spiritual practices

7pm                           Pete Hise, Quest Community Church


9-10:10am              Marjorie Thompson personal/ pastors spiritual practices

10:30-11:45pm      Concurrent II

1-2:10pm                Dave Rhodes

2:30-3:45pm          Concurrent III

4-5pm                      Concluding panel