Is all Civic Engagement the same as Volunteerism?

The Civic Engagement continuum below illustrates the focus of the CCE’s programming in relation to other service opportunities. Volunteerism and Community Service lie on the end of the continuum that focuses on the Community Partner as the primary beneficiary. The primary emphasis is on service with limited time for structured reflection. At the other end of the continuum, lies internships which focus on learning with the result that the student is the primary beneficiary. In this instance, the Community Partner takes on the role of the instructor, and the application of academic knowledge and skills is the primary emphasis. The SL courses and CBEL opportunities provided by the CCE lie in the middle of this continuum, focus on the connection between service and academic learning goals, and give students the opportunity to participate in structured critical reflection. The key to a successful SL or CBEL experience is reciprocity; both the student and the Community Partner benefit in an equal way.