Professors Jana Brill and Sigrid Suesse;

Associate Professors Adela Borrallo-Solis, Laura Hunt, Michael Rich,

Sara Maria Rivas and Emily Stow (Chair);

Assistant Professors Virginie Cassidy, Adam Glover, and John Henkel;

Visiting Assistant Professor Rebeccah Dawson

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Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures

Georgetown College
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A major in world languages prepares the conscientious student for graduate school, teaching, international business, the travel industry, social work, foreign missions, and work in volunteer agencies such as the Peace Corps and Doctors without Borders. Language majors are encouraged to take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities offered by Georgetown College. A language major or minor is also a valuable complement to other majors such as Political Science, Business, Computer Science, Music, Art, English, History, and Theatre. Majors and minors are offered in French, German, and Spanish. MCLC also offers a German Studies major. Majors, minors, and general education students reach different levels of proficiency; however, in accordance with guidelines from the Common European Framework (CEF), and more specifically with the national guidelines (5Cs) from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), all world language students at Georgetown College will:

  • Communicate in languages other than English;
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures, including their art, film, literature, history, music, etc.;
  • Connect with other disciplines;
  • Make comparisons to other languages and develop insights into the nature of language and culture;
  • Participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.


For the description of the French major and minor, please see French.

For the description of the German major and minor, please see German.

For the description of the German Studies major, please see German.

For the description of the Greek courses, please see Greek.

For the description of the Japanese courses, please see Japanese.

For the description of the Latin courses, please see Latin.

For the description of the Spanish major and minor, please see Spanish.


Additionally, the Modern and Classical Languages Department participates in interdisciplinary minors in the following areas: Asian Studies and Classics.  Also, it offers an interdisciplinary B.A. degree in International Business and Culture.


309. Culture Shock: Meeting the Challenge of the Other. (3 hours) This course helps students who plan to study or work abroad to handle the challenges they will be facing and to take full advantage of the learning opportunities that such an experience offers.        As Needed


360. Internship. (1-3 hours) This course provides supervised practical experience in international business, media, education, or government or other fields. Prerequisites: Junior status, SPA/FRE/GER 230 or LAT/GRK/JPN 202.

As needed


370. Topics in Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures.  (3 hours) Study of a special topic announced at advanced registration. No Prerequisite.

As needed

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