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European Studies Program
Georgetown College
400 East College Street
Georgetown, KY 40324


European Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students a comprehensive view of Europe, past and present, from a variety of perspectives. This program provides a solid grounding in the liberal arts and is excellent preparation for advanced study in graduate or professional school. Majors are encouraged to study abroad.


Interdisciplinary Major

(B.A. degree) (No minor is required) Fifty-four hours required, at least thirty-nine of which must be 300 level or above, including:


French, German, or Spanish                                                                           15 hours

For French: FRE 230, 235, 310 or 312, plus 6 additional upper level hours.

For German: GER 230, 310, 345/445, or 389/489, plus 6 additional upper level hours.

For Spanish: SPA 230, 235, 310, plus 6 additional upper level hours.


History                                                                                                                 15 hours

HIS 331, 333 plus nine hours selected from HIS 111, 113, 323, 335, 337, 343, 345, 412, 417.


Political Science                                                                                                   3 hours

POS 302, European Politics


European Studies                                                                                                 3 hours

Selected From EUS 350, 440 or 470.


Eighteen hours to be chosen from the following:                                      18 hours

ART 216, Survey of Art History I; ART 217, Survey of Art History II; ART 414, Modern Art History

BUA 353, International Business Operations; BUA 363, International Finance; BUA 423, International Marketing; BUA 443, International Management

CLA 314, Mythology in Greek and Roman Literature; CLA 316, AncientDrama; CLA 370, Topics in Classical Literature

ENG 211, English Literature Survey I; ENG 213, English Literature Survey II;   ENG 294, Comparative Literature Survey; ENG 305, Milton; ENG 309, Neo-Classical Literature; ENG 314, Epic Poetry; ENG 325, 17th Century Literature; ENG 335, Shakespeare; ENG 339, Romantic Literature; ENG 389, Victorian Literature; ENG 405, Chaucer; ENG 419, English   Novel; ENG 435, Medieval Literature; ENG 448, Modern British Literature; ENG 458, Irish Literature; ENG 475, Topics in Renaissance Literature; ENG 479, Topics in Nineteenth Century Literature

FRE 321, Initiation to French Literature; FRE329, Francophone Women Writers; FRE427, Advanced Topics in Francophone Cinema

GER 318/418, 319/419, 345/445, 365/465 or 389/489, 370/470, 399/499

MUS 425, Music History to 1750; MUS 426, Music History since 1750

PHI 201, History of Philosophy I; PHI 203, History of Philosophy II; PHI 315, Existentialism and Idealism; PHI 435, Contemporary Continental Philosophy

POS 300, World Politics; POS 307, Comparative Politics; POS 400, Classical Political Theory; POS 402, Modern Political Theory; POS 403, American Foreign Policy; POS 407, International Law and Organization; POS 430, International Political Economy

REL 329, Church History

SPA 320, Survey of Spanish Literature; SPA 420, Spanish Literature of the Golden Age

A second foreign language (French, German, Greek, Latin or Spanish)

THE 425, Theatre History


Any Topics, Study Abroad, or other course with a significant European focus, subject to approval.


The eighteen hours of electives must be drawn from at least three different departments. A language course numbered 101 (103 for Greek) can be applied to the major only if the 102 (104 for Greek) course in that language has also been completed.


350. European Studies Seminar. (3 hours)                                                As needed


440. Independent Study. (1-3 hours)                                                            As needed


470. Topics. (3 hours)                                                                                      As needed