The interdisciplinary minor in Women’s Studies enhances students’ liberal arts educations by foregrounding the experiences and contributions of women from diverse historical and contemporary cultures. Students who graduate with a minor in Women’s Studies will:

  • use the critical methods and approaches associated with Women’s Studies in classes from a variety of disciplines;
  • articulate an understanding of the diversity of women’s contributions, perspectives, and experiences within and across various cultures, past and present;
  • conduct research in issues related to women and/or sex/gender.

Interdisciplinary Minor

Twenty-one hours required consisting of WST 211, 341, 450 and an additional twelve semester hours selected from: COMM 329, ENG 428, HIS 310, PHI 370, POS 333, PSY 337, PSY 350, REL 377, SOC 390, SPA 239, WST 112, WST 470. Students may petition the Director of Women’s Studies to apply courses not listed here towards their minor, including but not limited to relevant sections of FDN 112, sections of courses with an emphasis on women or gender, independent studies, topics courses, Honors seminars, Honors theses, senior theses, tutorials, and new departmental offerings.


112. Women and Culture: An Introduction. (3 hours) A chronological, interdisciplinary survey of women’s major cultural and artistic contributions. This course will be offered only as a Foundations 112 course. Prerequisite: FDN 111. As needed

211. Introduction to Women’s Studies. (3 hours) An interdisciplinary study of women and gender viewed through historical and contemporary readings. Emphasizes analysis of new and traditional representations and interpretations of women’s experiences. As needed

341. Women in the Christian Tradition. (3 hours) Same as REL 341. As needed

450. Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies. (3 hours) Senior research seminar for students minoring in women’s studies. Non-minors may take the course with the approval of the program coordinator. Prerequisite: WST 211. As needed

470. Topics. (3 hours) As needed