Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that examines our awareness of gender and sexuality, and the ways their constructions affect our daily lives. WST broadens students’ liberal arts education by highlighting the specific experiences and contributions of women across diverse historical and contemporary cultures.

Interdisciplinary Minor

Twenty-one semester hours consisting of WST 211, 341, 450 and an additional 12 semester hours selected from: ART 470, COMM 329, ENG 428, HIS 111, HIS 310, HIS 475, PHI 370, POS 333, PSY 337, PSY 350, REL 377, and SOC 450. Students may substitute appropriate departmental topics courses with approval of program coordinator.

Course Offerings

211. Introduction to Women’s Studies. (3 hours) An interdisciplinary study of women and gender, viewed through historical and contemporary readings. Emphasizes analysis of new and traditional representations and interpretations of women’s experiences. Spring

341. Women in the Christian Tradition. (3 hours) Same as REL 341.

450. Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies. (3 hours) Senior research seminar for students minoring in women’s studies. Non-minors may take the course with the approval of the program coordinator. Prerequisite: WST 211. Odd Falls