Georgetown College recognizes that business and culture are inextricably linked. Opportunities for students to participate in the global society and to engage effectively in business will be enhanced if students have studied business, language and culture in an integrated and reflective manner.

Interdisciplinary Major

(B.A. degree) A total of 60 hours is required for the major. The major requires a business foundation of 24 hours, a language foundation of 18 hours, 15 hours from the interdisciplinary component, and one 3-hour elective chosen with Program Coordinator’s approval. (No minor is required.)

Business Foundation

BUA 210, 211, 335, 353; ECO 221, 223, MAT 109 or 125; MAT 111 The business foundation courses provide a sound foundation to enable students to understand the world of business. It includes accounting (the language of business), economics (the underlying theory beneath business study), finance (the major tool for evaluating business decisions), and international business operations that introduce students to the interaction of business and international matters.

Language Foundation

(Students will select one language set) 18 hours

FRE 230, 235, 335, 355, 301, and either FRE 310, 312 or 321 GER 230, 235, 301, 355, 310 and 312 SPA 230, 235, 355, and either SPA 310 and 320 or SPA 312 and 322, and one additional SPA course at the 300 or 400 level JPN 201, 202, 320, 322, 335, 355 The language foundation courses will enable students of FRE, GER, and SPA to reach the intermediate-high proficiency level, as defined by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages, in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language. Students of JPN will reach the intermediate-low level. Furthermore, by means of a study of the great literary works, the arts, theater, music, geography, political structures, family life, and history, students will be prepared to understand, enjoy and participate in the foreign culture.

Interdisciplinary Component

CLC 319; INS (as approved by program director); BUA 423, 450, 460 These courses bring together the separate strands developed in the business and language foundation courses. The internship and study abroad requirements enable students to convert classroom knowledge into working knowledge tempered by experience.

Course Offerings

319. Foundations in Culture (3 hours) This course introduces the student to the concept of culture and related theoretical questions as well as to aspects of the French, German, Japanese and Spanish-speaking cultures that are part of the CLC program. Prerequisite: admission to the CLC Program and JPN 202, FRE/GER/SPA 230, or instructor’s permission. Odd Falls