This department offers to students at the beginning and intermediate levels an awareness of linguistic diversity in human societies, an ability to communicate at a basic level in a second language, and an acquaintance with the culture of that language. Majors and minors acquire high levels of communicative skills, a broad acquaintance with the culture, and an ability to understand and analyze the cultural manifestations (mores, literature and the arts, history) of their chosen languages. A major in this department prepares the conscientious student for graduate school or for teaching in secondary, middle, or elementary schools, and provides very useful skills applicable in international business, the travel industry, social work, foreign missions, and other areas. A language major or minor can also be a valuable complement to another major. Majors are encouraged to spend a semester or a year in a foreign study program. Foreign studies at any level, with fully transferable credit, are available at Cemanahuac in Cuernavca, Mexico, through the Kentucky Institute for International Studies, and through other programs. A minor in Classics is also offered.

See course descriptions for first-year Greek under Department of Religion.
See description of Classics interdisciplinary minor.

Course Offerings

201. Reading Homeric Greek. (3 hours) Development of Greek reading skills; introduction to the Homeric dialect and the cultural context of the Homeric poems. Prerequisite: REL 104 (Beginning Greek II) or the equivalent. Even Falls

202. Reading Classical Greek. (3 hours) Continued development of Greek reading skills; introduction to the Attic dialect and the cultural context of selected authors, including Euripides and Plato. Prerequisite: GRK 201 (Homeric Greek), REL 203 (Greek New Testament), or the equivalent. Odd Springs