Students pursuing a major or minor in Theatre and Performance Studies engage in a two-step process of investigating both the act of aesthetic performance and the fact of performance in American and global culture. Because theatre and drama synthesize all the arts and humanities, majors and minors will study the art of stage and screen acting, scenic design and stagecraft, directing for the screen and the stage, the history of dramatic representation from Greece to the silver screen, as well as other courses in the department.

Students are encouraged to take part in Maskrafter productions, departmental reading hours and performances, Alpha Psi Omega (the theatre honorary), as well as other campus organizations such as the Georgetown College Film Club, the Swing Dance Club, the Fencing Club, and Wordmasters.


(B.A. Degree) Thirty-three hours in Theatre and Performance Studies Courses including THE 220, 225, 227, 425; 21 additional hours from courses in the major. Allied courses will consist of ENG 335 and either MUS 153 or ART 117.


Eighteen hours in Theatre and Performance Studies Course including either THE 220 or 225, THE 227, and twelve additional hours.

Course Offerings

107. Theatre and Film Appreciation. (2 hours) Introduction to the history and development of performance within Western civilization. Fall and Spring

220. Performance of Literature. (3 hours) Basic principles of performance, with attention to analysis as preparation for individual and group performance of literature. Fall and Spring

225. Acting. (3 hours) Concentration on the creation of dramatic characters through the development of the performer’s awareness of the physiological, psychological, and mental components inherent in performance as learned through experiential activities. Fall and Spring

227. Theatre Production. (3 hours) Introduction to theoretical and practical aspects of theatre production: theatre styles, set construction, painting, sound, and lighting. Fall and Spring

266, 267, 268. Practicum in Theatre. (1 hour each) Practical experience in theatre production. Serves as laboratory for the development of production skills. No student may present more than two hours of practica credit for a major; one for a minor. Fall and Spring

320. Advanced Performance Studies. (3 hours) Concentration on contemporary performance theory and practice in three different genres of solo performance. Prerequisite: THE 220, 225, or consent of instructor. As Needed

325. Advanced Acting. (3 hours) Students will study further development of physical and emotional instruments; development of improvisational and dramatic scenes. Prerequisite: THE 225. Spring

327. Directing. (3 hours) Basic play interpretation; casting-rehearsal procedures, director-actor relationship in analysis and creation procedures; creation of character, and the major tasks of the director. Each student will select, cast, rehearse, and present for class analysis several short dramatic scenes. Prerequisite: THE 225. Even Falls

347. An Introduction to Film. (3 hours) Study of the history of film as a medium of communication, culture, and art through survey of significant films in the history of its development and its relationship to theatre and other arts. Prerequisites: Either THE 220, 225, or 227. Even Springs

407. Creative Dramatics and Children’s Theatre. (3 hours) Introduction to and overview of the theory and use of creative dramatics and children’s theatre activities in education. Fall and Spring

420. Group Performance. (3 hours) Study of and experience in group performance of literature including readers theatre and chamber theatre through adaptation of scripts, direction of and participation in productions for public performance. Prerequisites: THE 220, 225 or by permission of the instructor. Odd Falls

422. Independent Filmmaking. (3 hours) This course introduces students to the process of conceptualizing and producing independent digital cinema. Students will study and participate in all pre-production, production, and post-production elements of digital motion pictures. Prerequisites: Either THE 220, 225, 227, or permission of the instructor. Spring

425. Theatre History. (3 hours) Study of elements of theatre from Ancient Greece to the present. Prerequisite: THE 220 or 225. Odd Springs

428. Production Design. (3 hours) Techniques of production design; research, creative design and development of working drawings for sets, lighting, and costumes. Prerequisite: THE 227. Even Spring

440. Independent Study. (1 to 3 hours) With the approval and permission of a member of the Theatre and Performance Studies faculty and the chair of the Theatre department, students may engage in reading, research and performance on or in an area of their own choosing.

450. Seminar. (3 hours) In depth study of a topic announced during pre-registration. Prerequisites: Junior standing, THE 220, 225 and 227, or permission of the instructor. As Needed

461. Internship. (1-3 hours) Fieldwork activities in performance-related fields in the area. Prerequisites: THE 220, 225 and 227, or permission of the instructor. Fall and Spring

471. Topics in Theatre and Performance Studies. (3 hours) Specialized study in theatre and performance styles, genres, or issues related to the field. As Needed