STUDENTS BEFORE COMPLETING THIS FORM, 1) Review overview of academic internships below 2) Make sure you have already spoken with your faculty supervisor and confirmed their willingness to supervise you during your internship 2) Be sure you know the correct course number and have come to an agreement with the supervising faculty on the number of hours to register and 3) You will not be registered until the faculty member confirms your application submission with the Registrar

Apply for an Academic Internship

“Financial assistance is available for internships and experiential learning experiences.  See  V. V. Cooke Grant  for details and deadlines to apply.”

An Academic Internship is for credit ranging from 1 to 3 credit hours per semester (occasionally more) and must be approved by the department chair in order to count toward a major and/or minor.  Students must also seek a faculty member with qualifications appropriate to overseeing the internship’s major area of study to supervise their internship, before the internship begins.  Academic Internships may be paid or non-paid. Students are required to work 50 hours for every 1 credit hour.  They are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Academic Internships are governed by the faculty and academic departments.

  • InterviewMake an appointment with the Department Chair in which internship credit is desired to discuss department requirements as well as additional internship opportunities.
  • Identify a faculty member who will oversee the internship.
  • Write a one-page statement of developmental goals and meet with the faculty advisor to discuss and refine internship syllabus and requirements.
  • Register the internship by the deadline for the semester you will be completing your internship. Tuition does apply to a three-hour internship as any three-hour course. (You must obtain an approval card from the Registrar’s Office to be signed by the supervising faculty member.)
  • Inform the faculty supervisor AND the Graves Center for Calling & Career of site selection, site supervisor name and contact information. (Student is ultimately responsible for securing the internship)
  • Fulfill the departments’ requirements as stated in its syllabi.