Facilities in the W. Peyton Thurman Meetinghouse are available for reservation by the general public.  Unless you are being hosted/sponsored by a Georgetown College faculty or staff member, there will be a fee for use of Meetinghouse facilities.  Also, we will need signed copies of the forms listed below.  Please contact Janie Wechman, jane_wechman@georgetowncollege.edu, or Holly James, holly_james@georgetowncollege.edu, to place reservations. Please see below for links to the required forms and for detailed photos and descriptions of Meetinghouse rooms/spaces available for reservation.

Required Forms

These forms must be signed and returned to Janie Wechman a minimum of two weeks before your scheduled event date.  An e-mail address and mailing address that the forms should be sent to is listed below.

Facilities Use Agreement – Georgetown College

Meetinghouse Use Agreement

Liability Release Form

We also require a copy of your group’s liability insurance coverage.  This is a Sample of Proof of Insurance


Descriptions of Meetinghouse Facilities


The Conference Room

Use:  Classroom, meetings, presentations, dinners, and receptions.

Technology:  Computer with a large plasma screen monitor, computer station with wireless keyboard and mouse.

The conference table can seat up to 18 people using all table links and extra folding tables.  The conference table can be broken down and removed to support a lecture style seating using folding chairs supporting up to 30 people.  The table can be broken down to a very small round table for a reception.

When reserving, please specify the usage and number of attendees.  Groups using for dinners, must use Sodexho for their catering needs.  The kitchen will also be reserved when using the Conference room for dinners.  All dishes MUST be cleaned or placed in the dishwasher and set to clean.

Policies: During the Academic Year, class reservation requests receive scheduling priority
For table configuration, please contact facilities. Graves Center staff can advise when available.
Room is to be cleaned and left as found. Computer must be properly turned off. Note: the screen must be powered off separately.


The Baldwin LibraryLibrary

Use:  Meetings, interviews, and study  

Technology:  One computer station is available, but it is not equipped for presentations.

Located on the second floor of the Meetinghouse, the Baldwin Library has a table with four chairs, plus two large lounge chairs, two workstations seating 8 comfortably and up to 12 with additional folding chairs.

Room is to be cleaned and left as found.  Computer must be properly logged off and turned off. 


The International Room (basement meeting room)Intl room

Use:  Meetings and interviews

Technology:  None

The International room has a table with four chairs, plus two couches seating 9 comfortably and up to 20 with folding chairs. 

Room is to be cleaned and left as found.


The Kitchen

Meetinghouse kitchen photo

Use:  Class meetings, dinners, and receptions 

Technology:  None

Located on the main floor of the Meetinghouse, the kitchen is fully equipped with an electric range, full-size refrigerator, icemaker, dishwasher, and microwave.

Policies:  All appliances must be safely turned off following use.  All dishes MUST be cleaned or placed in the dishwasher and set to clean.  Room is to be cleaned and left as found. 

The Back Patio and Lawn

Meetinghouse backyard photo

Use:  Meetings, cookouts, and receptions.

Technology:  None

The back patio can accommodate groups of 30-40 people.  After placing your reservation, please contact Tina Robinson, tina _robinson@georgetowncollege.edu, in Facilities to request tables and folding chairs.  It is strongly recommended that all parties who reserve the back patio and lawn also reserve the Meetinghouse conference room.  This way, in the event of inclement weather, your event can be moved inside.  It is also recommended that parties utilizing the back patio and lawn also reserve the Meetinghouse kitchen.

The back patio and lawn are to be cleaned and left as found.