StudentGeorgetown College offers a first rate education that prepares young men and women for careers that allow them to live out their life calling. To this end, we educate them in the honored tradition of the liberals arts, convinced that a knowledge of the humanities, the arts, and the sciences is the best preparation for life and work.

We want our graduates to master the skills and attitudes essential to success in any and every life of work: traveling, praying, listening, writing, serving, reading, and working.

The Graves Center for Calling and Career exists to help our students discern their vocational interests and design a college experience that will prepare them to be a happy, productive member of the human community. We encourage the students to investigate the Graves Center for Calling and Career from their very first days on campus.

Here are some ways you can help your son or daughter.

  • Help your child shadow a professional and secure an internship
  • Discuss with your child which of the seven practices listed above was significant in your vocational journey
  • Listen to your child describe their own dreams and plans

Encourage your employer

  • to schedule “shadow days” for GC students,
  • to create internships for GC students,
  • to participate in “Job/Internship Fairs” at the College

Articles for Parents