Why Internships?

InternshipCompanies and organizations that host internships can benefit from the opportunity to meet enthusiastic and committed students who will be looking for employment when they graduate. Interns can bring a fresh approach to your setting, and can provide the skills and labor for a special project. They can also give your permanent staff the satisfying opportunity to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation of workers, and to practice their supervision skills.

An internship can . . .

  • Provide an enthusiastic ambitious worker who is keen to learn
  • Provide the labor and skill needed to complete a special project
  • Provide the opportunity for your permanent staff to gain supervisory experience
  • Allow you to assess the capacities of a potential employee
  • Increase the number of graduates who stay in the community after graduation

“I was born and raised in the Lexington area and for as long as I can remember Georgetown College has had a reputation for being one of the premier colleges in Kentucky. The Lexington Police Department has benefited greatly as a result of having Georgetown alumni on its staff and will continue to pursue Georgetown College students with an interest in Law Enforcement.”
Officer John Carmichael, Internship Coordinator, Lexington Division of Police

What is Required of the Internship Site?

  • Provide a meaningful experience through programs or projects that will allow the intern to develop his/her career objectives.
  • Provide a professional, educational and quality environment for the intern.
  • Assure the intern’s involvement in organization-wide activities.
  • Challenge the intern to integrate knowledge and practice.

Process for Internship Site

  • InternshipProvide the Graves Center for Calling & Career a description of the internship opportunity, contact and site information. Submit your description online or manage your own listings using Tiger Net, Georgetown College’s web-based career management technology.
  • Interview the qualified candidates identified by the Graves Center for Calling & Career and make a final selection on intern.
  • Assign a “site supervisor” to oversee the intern’s learning experience, activities and progress.
  • Review student learning contract within two weeks of internship placement.
  • Provide feedback to the student on his/her performance throughout the internship process.
  • At the end of the internship, complete an evaluation of the intern and submit to the Internship Coordinator. (Supervisor Evaluation Form )