20131011_GTC_8009Georgetown College commits to preparing students for their life’s pursuits by providing an exceptional academic experience and financial support for their career development.

At Georgetown College, we are committed to keeping a clear focus on vibrant intellectual development and thorough career readiness by providing students in every academic field with:

  • a quality academic degree that develops critical and analytical thinking skills
  • a program that forges a link between that degree and professional opportunities and
  • up to $500 for career-related expenses leading up to commencement

As part of this commitment, we provide ongoing College-to-Career opportunities including:

  1. Career assessments and career advisor services
  2. Student internship and job-shadowing opportunities
  3. On-campus and regional career fairs
  4. Career development seminars and workshops
  5. Information sessions and discussion forums with employers, graduate/professional programs, and service organizations
  6. Mock interviews
  7. The Sophomore Summit program
  8. A web-based job board (TigerNet)
  9. Guidance and support for developing a “Career Action Plan”
  10. Harper Gatton Leadership Development Programs

For other opportunities, please contact Holly James at the Graves Center for Calling and Career.


To be eligible to participate in the program, students must enter as first-time freshmen (beginning with the Fall 2015 class).  All new GC students are enrolled in the College-to-Career program. Only students who meet the benchmarks for the Career Exploration Level will be awarded career development funds. Students that complete both levels will be awarded the Harper Gatton Leadership Medallion.


  • Career Exploration Level: Attend at least three Graves Center for Calling and Career programs during the freshman year and two during sophomore year and attend Sophomore Summit.  Students are eligible for up to $500 of career development funds during their junior or senior year.
  • Career Discovery Level: Attend at least three Graves Center for Calling and Career programs during the junior year (two must be leadership focused), and two leadership focused programs during the senior year, and develop a Career Action Plan.
  • Upon completion of the Career Exploration Level, funds can be requested (career development funds are considered income and are subject to tax ) by submitting an application/proposal to the Graves Center for Calling and Career before the specified deadline.

    Student Guide Brochure


Job Shadowing/Observation FormRequires Portal Login

Non-Academic Internship Form


Let us know you have fulfilled requirements for the Georgetown College-to-Career Commitment by completing these forms.  DEADLINE to apply for the Career Development Funds for the Career Exploration Level is the last day of classes spring semester.

College-to-Career ApplicationRequires Portal Login

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