First-Year Family Groups (FFG)

What is FFG?

FFG, First-Year Family Groups, are one of the easiest and most common ways first-year students can get involved on campus. FFG will consist of 10 small groups made up of only freshmen or 1st year students. Each group will be lead by an upper class male and female. The group will meet to have Bible studies, provide support & encouragement to one another, eat together, and do other fun activities together.

When & Where?

FFG meets weekly on Wednesdays evenings in the fall semester in various locations on campus.

How do I get involved?

Meet our 2015-2016 FFG Coordinators, Grace Whitworth & Joseph Snider!  Or, you can email our Campus Minister.

What if I can’t meet on Wednesday nights?

There is a possibility that a family group will be meeting another time.  Remember, it is never too late to join a family.