Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 Tuition and Fees – Undergraduate

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

As a private, church-related institution, Georgetown College receives no support through taxes or public revenue. In fact, tuition covers only a part of the actual expenses involved. Support from the endowment, gifts, grants, alumni, and friends of the college totals over thirty percent of the actual cost of each student’s education, helping to keep direct costs as low as possible. The College administers an extensive financial assistance program; no prospective student should overlook Georgetown College purely for financial reasons until investigating fully the amount and types of aid available.

Basic Charges

For the 2013-2014 academic year, the following basic student charges apply:

Description Fee
Full-time tuition (12-18 semester hours) $16,155/semester
Additional credit above 18 hours $460/hour
Tuition, part time
up to 11 hours $1,330/hour
only one course $1,000/hour
Residence hall, dual occupancy $1,985/semester
Residence hall, single occupancy in a dual occupancy room $2,965/semester
Residence hall single occupancy room $2,480/semester
Residence hall, East Campus apartment (Requires at least a 7 meal plan) $3,005/semester
Residence hall, Rucker Village , double occupancy (Requires at least a 10 meal plan) $2,850/semester
Residence hall, Rucker Village, single occupance (Requires at least a 10 meal plan) $3,790/semester
Board (19 meal per week plan with Cash EQ) REQUIRED OF FRESHMEN $2,130/semester
Board (15 meal per week plan with Cash EQ) $2,060/semester
Board (15 meal per week plan + $400 Dining Dollars) *NO CASH EQ* $2,060/semester
Board (10 meal per week plan with Cash EQ) $1,940/semester
Board (7 meal per week plan with Cash EQ) $1,375/semester
Board (5 meal per week plan with Cash EQ) $980/semester

High School Seniors Charges

Description Fee
Only one course per semester $320/course
**Basic Charges Schedule applies to any additional class(es) $1,330/ cr. hr.

Special Fees

The following special fees apply for selected programs:

Description Fee
Acting Fee (THE 225) $30/course
Archery Fee (KHS113) $30/course
Art Fee (per course) $50/course
part-time, special (auditing only) $210/course
full-time no charge
Biology Fee $40/course
Biology Fee (BIO100) $20/course
Bowling Fee $50/course
Chemistry Fee (CHE111) $40/course
Chemistry Fee – Summer 1 credit hour lab $40
Chemistry Fee – Summer 2 credit hour lab $50
Education 405, 462-463, 467-468 Student Teaching $30/semester hour
Freshman seminar class $70
Enrollment Deposit $200
Golf Fee $50
Horsemanship (KHS126) $190
Kendo Fee $20
applied course, one credit hour $200
applied course, two credit hours $340
instrument class, one credit hour $150
lyric theatre workshop fee $80
Vehicle registration $90 year
Parking Fine ÔÇô Unregistered Vehicle (per ticket issued) $65
Lock/Damage Deposit $100
Guest Room Rate Per Night $15
Replacement G-Card ID Fee $15

Service Charges

The following service charges apply:

Description Fee
Change of registration (after 1st week) $20
CLEP recording $40/course
Credit validated by exam $860/course
Transcript Request $5/official copy
Duplicate diploma $50

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