Georgetown College’s Payment System For Credit/Debit Cards

Official Payments

Official Payments enables students and/or parents to pay tuition and fees by electronic check or by credit/debit card or electronic check via . The payment process is simple and secure. Payments by electronic checks as well as American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® credit cards are accepted.

Paying tuition and fees electronically allows students/parents to take advantage of credit card rewards and payment flexibility. The payment process is fast, easy, and secure.

A convenience fee is charged by Official Payments based on the credit card transaction amount. The student/parent is notified of the amount of this convenience fee before the online payment is submitted for processing.

There is a $3.00 fee for payments made by electronic check — an easy and quick way to pay.

Payment by cash or check may still be processed in the Student Accounts Office in person or by mail.

Credit Cards

Who is Official Payments?

Official Payments is a leading provider of electronic payment options for colleges and universities as well as for federal, state, and local government agencies. Official Payments processes electronic payments for more than 2,200 counties, municipalities, colleges and universities across all 50 states.

What are the advantages of using Official Payments?

The new payment system makes paying tuition and fees more convenient in many ways:

  1. Faster, more convenient payment via Internet or automated telephone system- no need to call or mail a check
  2. Flexibility to pay credit card balances over time
  3. Rewards from credit card issuers that offer such programs
  4. Comfort in knowing your payment has been made through a trusted and secure service provider that is authorized by the IRS since 1999

What payment methods does Official Payments accept?

American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and electronic checks are accepted.

Why is there a convenience fee?

Official Payments charges a convenience fee for processing credit card transactions. This fee is not charged by or paid to Georgetown College. The convenience fee is assessed to cover the costs associated with servicing thousands of credit card transactions. You will be informed of all fees before you authorize your payment. A $3.00 convenience fee is assessed on electronic check payments.

How safe is Official Payments’ system?

Official Payments is PCI, FERPA, and GLB compliant. Our systems pass an annual 1,000 point security check conducted by the IRS. The information Official Payments gathers is private and will not be forwarded to anyone.

Will I receive a confirmation of my payment?

Yes. You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the transaction. This confirmation number and your credit card or bank statement will provide confirmation of your payment. If you pay via the Internet you will be able to print your confirmation number.

Why is Visa® not accepted?

Unfortunately, VISA credit card payments cannot be accepted due to current VISA regulations. These regulations do not allow VISA cardholders to pay for tuition and fees at colleges and universities using the Official Payments business model.

Who do I call if my payment doesn’t appear on my credit card or bank statement?

Call Georgetown College Student Accounts at (502) 863-8700. You may also send an e-mail to