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The Student Accounts Office is going GREEN!


In an attempt to reduce the amount of paper used by the College, all monthly statements will be sent to your GC-issued email address. As email is the official communication method between you and the Student Accounts Office, you will need to check your email account at least once a week to make sure your account is in good standing. Each student is responsible for his/her student account.


What if you use a different email address?


No problem! Simply log onto and click on “My Account” and then “Forward Student Mail” in the menu to the left. You may enter a different email address where you’d like to receive emails from the College.


“My parents take care of my student account”


In order for your parents to receive a copy of your E-BILL, log onto and click on “Finances” then “Statement Management” and then “Financial Statement Authorization.” Enroll your parents and they will receive an E-BILL at the same time you do.


And always remember…

You can view your current student account info on 24/7 under “Finances”. Use the “Account Statements” tab for billing statements showing everything that has been posted to your account for a specified time period. Use the “Course and Fee Statement” tab to look at your projected registration, charges and financial aid for an upcoming semester.