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The Business Administration and Economics Department occasionally offers overseas courses, providing students with the opportunity for international travel and experience, as a part of the department’s focus on international business education.  The College belongs to some consortia for international study, which ensures some courses are available every year.


The Department of Business Administration and Economics has several opportunities for international education.  The most integrated educational opportunity is the interdisciplinary major in International Business and Culture (the IBC program), where students pursue advanced study in both a foreign/culture and international business.  The IBC program requires an international experience, as well as an internship with an international company.


International travel opportunities exist for students whether they major in IBC or not.  Georgetown College participates in a variety of consortia programs.  Each program offers a variety of courses, with KIIS focusing on countries where the predominant language is not English, and CCSA focusing on predominantly English speaking countries.  In this way educational opportunities exist regardless of the student’s current level of language skill.


Since specific international offerings vary from semester to semester, students are strongly encouraged to plan ahead.  Note also that all international programs require a pass port valid for travel to the countries students are going to, so students are encouraged to prepare accordingly.


For study abroad brochures, an application, and detailed information and instructions please contact International Programs, located in the McCandless Oxford House located at the intersection of Jackson St. and Mulberry St.  Please visit the International Programs website to read about all the programs available, scholarships, and more.

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