Business Administration & Economics Department

Business education is special at Georgetown College because the program combines two important elements, the liberal arts and business study.

Since the business curriculum incorporates liberal arts principles in both content and method, it continues the development of liberal arts skills that began in the General Education curriculum. These liberal arts skills (the ability to read and learn, to analyze problems, and to communicate effectively) are essential in a world of rapid change, for they equip graduates to cope with new, unexpected situations. The business courses then advance these skills in a particular context, while studying business problems. In this way, the business courses help students learn about the business environment and learn about standard business problems. This combination of thinking skills and familiarity with business is excellent preparation for the future.

Graduates of the Georgetown College Business and Economics Department are prepared to begin a wide variety of careers. Interesting opportunities exist in the traditional business sector, the non-profit sector and the government sector. Some graduates will instead seek further education in graduate or professional school, including schools of business, economics, law and public policy.

The Georgetown College Business Administration and Economics Department offers majors in:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Management
  • Marketing

The department also offers interdisciplinary majors in:

  • International Business and Culture

Students majoring in all areas take a number of required courses in order to build a solid foundation for further study. They then pursue one or more majors, deepening and broadening their ability to explore opportunities and solve problems. In addition, we strive to instill in our student’s high ideals of business ethics, morality, social responsibility, intellectual curiosity and professional values. Business majors are required to choose a minor outside the department.

For information concerning majors available through the Business Administration and Economics Department, please see our department Handbook (click here).

Department Mission Statement

The Business Administration and Economics Department blends traditional business and liberal arts education to offer a superior business-related education.  Students examine common themes from today’s global business environment, and they also develop the intellectual skills necessary to adapt that knowledge appropriately to address new developments and unfamiliar situations.  Our graduates are prepared to be contributing members of the business community and society at large.

The Business Administration and Economics Department strives to prepare students to take their places in society and to thrive in whatever roles they choose.  The successful student who completes the program will:

  • know the core content of his/her major area.
  • be able to communicate ideas effectively;
  • be able to analyze problems and formulate appropriate solutions;

By attaining these outcomes, this successful student should find that he/she is:

  • prepared to begin a meaningful career immediately after graduation;
  • able to gain admission to good graduate or professional programs, provided the student has the appropriate abilities and motivation for further study.