Off-Campus Opportunities

Hancock Biological Station (HBS)

Georgetown College is a member of a consortium of schools that utilize the Hancock Biological Station in the Land Between the Lakes area of western Kentucky for summer research and education. Students at Georgetown may take biology classes at HBS and receive full credit for their courses. The field courses generally substitute for one of the department’s classes or will supplement the student’s biological education. Students should consult with their advisor when considering this unique opportunity.

For more information visit the HBS website.

Summer Opportunities

There are many ways that summers can provide a break from normal school functions and still give you an opportunity to gain relevant training, earn credit hours, and/or earn money. These experiences can be a tremendous asset when the time comes to seek a job or apply to graduate/professional school. The list of summer opportunities below was compiled from various announcements that have been posted in the past on bulletin boards throughout the department. This is just a partial list since new items are added/deleted throughout the year. You should periodically survey the announcements that are posted in the department. (Web and email addresses may have changed since this list was last updated.)

The list is divided into two parts, Study Opportunities and Work Opportunities.

In addition to formal positions and programs, you may simply want to look for volunteer opportunities near your home. Volunteer opportunities are particularly available in fields that relate to environmental science. These may involve anything from working in a zoo to volunteering at a nature center.

Study Opportunities

Work Opportunities