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Students are sometimes unsure about what career opportunities are available to them with a Biology degree or a degree in Environmental Science. We hope some of these ideas are helpful:

Suggested Career Paths

Biology Majors

  • health: physical therapist, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, physician assistant, surgical assistant, nurse practitioner, etc.
  • medical technology including: cytologist, hematologist, etc.
  • physicians: medical doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, veterinarian, ophthalmologist
  • researcher in: universities, federal and state agencies, private industry
  • wood technologist, urban forester
  • environmental consultant, risk assessment specialist
  • economic botanist
  • educator: higher education or K-12
  • food scientist
  • horticulturist, landscape designer
  • natural resource manager, soil scientist
  • epidemiologist
  • genetic counseling
  • forensics
  • marine biologist, fisheries biologist
  • interpretive naturalist, nature preserve manager
  • toxicologist
  • entomologist

Environmental Science Majors

  • agricultural specialist
  • air quality inspector in private industry or with a state or federal government agency
  • aquaculture research in private industry or with a state or federal government agency
  • county extension agent
  • conservationist for state or federal government agency
  • environmental law
  • environmental scientist in industry
  • lab technician in private industry or with a state or federal government agency
  • OSHA specialist
  • soil scientist
  • water quality inspector in private industry or with a state or federal government agency

Graduate and Professional Schools Attended by Alumni

Biology Majors

  • graduate school working on Master’s degrees (athletic training, Biochemistry)
  • graduate school working on Doctoral degrees (toxicology)
  • medical school at Louisiana State University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville
  • osteopathic school in Pikeville, Ky
  • nurse practitioner degree at Vanderbilt University
  • veterinary school at Auburn University

Enviornmental Science Majors

  • Clemson University Ph.D. in Entomology
  • Duke University M.S. in Environmental Management Emphasis in Environmental Toxicology, Chemistry, and Risk Assessment
  • Keller Graduate School of Management MBA
  • Miami University (OH) M.S. in Environmental Science
  • Purdue University M.S. in Outdoor Education
  • Texas A&M M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries
  • University of Charleston, South Carolina M.S. in Environmental Studies – Policy Track
  • University of Georgia Ph.D. in Entomology
  • University of Kentucky M.S. in Public Administration Emphasis in Environmental Management
  • University of Kentucky Law School
  • University of Oklahoma M.S. in Biology

Positions Held by Alumni

Biology Majors

  • Central Kentucky Blood Center
  • Warner-Lambert Pharmaceuticals

Environmental Science Majors

  • Appalachian Regional Director; Tri State Waterways Partnership Coordinator; Wildlife Habitat Council
  • Associate Director for Technology; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; National Risk Management Research Laboratory
  • Conservation Education Program Leader; KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
  • Environmental Affairs Specialist; Toyota Motor Manufacturing, U.S.A..
  • Environmental Inspector III; Division of Waste Management; Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Scientist/Assistant Project Scientist; Roy F. Weston, Inc.
  • Environmental Specialist; Bonneville Power Administration
  • Field Service Manager; Advanced Environmental Technical Services
  • Field Technician; Commonwealth Technologies, Inc.
  • Fishery Biologist; National Marine Fisheries Service in Mississippi
  • Forest Ranger Technician; Division of Forestry; Kentucky
  • Group Leader; PTRL East, Inc
  • Laboratory Technician; Commonwealth Technologies, Inc.
  • Manager of Environmental Affairs; Toyota Motor Manufacturing, U.S.A..
  • Mechanical Testing Laboratory Aide II; Inco, Inc.
  • Outdoor Recreation Planner; Rocky Mountain Arsenal; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Colorado
  • Senior Aquatic Biologist; Commonwealth Technology, Inc
  • Senior Environmental Chemist; 3M Environmental Technology and Service
  • Senior Environmental Enforcement Specialist; KY Dept. of Environmental Protection
  • Staff Geologist; Chevron USA Production Co.
  • Volunteer Coordinator with the Kentucky Chapter of the Nature Conservancy

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