Chair:   Tracy Livingston (

Advice to Majors:

  • It is recommended to take BIO 111 and CHE 111 in the fall of one’s freshman year.
  • If MATH ACT is ≤ 22, it is suggested that the student take MAT107 and start CHE111 sophomore year. 

Advice to Minors:

  • Must take BIO 111 not BIO 100


(B.S. degree) A minimum of forty-nine semester hours is required. A minimum of 38 hours in Biology including BIO 111, 212, 214, 314, 335, 451, 452, and 14 hours of electives to be selected from 300-400 level courses in Biology (excluding Bio 306). One elective course must be a field course selected from the following: BIO 300, 316, 320, 413, or 470 field topics. A maximum of 3 hours of Independent Study, BIO 440, can be used to satisfy the elective hours. In addition, the required allied hours are MAT 111 and CHE 111, 112, and 113. MAT 121, and CHE 201, 202, 309 and 310 are recommended. Teaching majors in Biology must take BIO 305 and 311 as two of their electives. The four courses in the biology core (BIO 111, 212, 213, 314) are preferably taken in the freshman and sophomore years; all should be completed by the end of junior. BIO 100 and 260 do not apply to a major or minor in Biology.


A minimum of eighteen semester hours is required including BIO 111.  Note that BIO 212, 214, or 314 are prerequisites for most upper-level electives.  BIO 100 does not apply to a major or minor in Biology.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

First Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
*BIO 111BIO 212
*CHE 111 – see note ACHE 112
CHE 113
*MAT 111 – see note B

Second Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
BIO 214BIO 314

Third Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
BIO 335BIO 451
Elective or field courseElective or field course

Fourth Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
BIO 452Elective or field course
Elective or field course

*denotes courses that meet the Foundations and Core requirements

*Note A – For CHE111, a student with a Math ACT≤22 is strongly advised to take MAT107 first.

*Note B – For Math 107/111, a student must have a Math ACT of at least 19 to take this course (or GSS105 is required as a prereq) Suggest GSS105 for first semester if interested in BIO.