The Department of Biological Sciences annually honors students during Academic Honors Day with several awards. A brief description of each award follows.


  • First Year Award: Brittany Leigh Blanton and Mary Ables Ray
  • Second Year Award: Jeanne Michelle Shearer and Ryan Bradley Thompson
  • Robert T. Hinton Scholarship: Heather Bellis-Jones and John Michael Mayo
  • Department Chairperson’s Award: Tyler Frailie


First Year Award

  • Ashley Fox
  • Emily Gumm
  • Monica Lincoln

Second Year Award

  • Mary Ables Ray
  • Samantha Sangster

Hinton Award

  • Jeanne Shearer

Outstanding Senior Award

  • Heather Bellis-Jones
  • John Michael Mayo
  • Heather Norman


  • First Year Award: Julie Henson, Tiffany Kelly, Nathan Pitzer
  • Second Year Award: Ashley Fox, Emily Gum, Michelle Larberg
  • Hinton Award: Mary Ables Ray, Kristen Rowe, Sam Sangster
  • Department Chair Award: Jeanne Shearer
  • Barbara Thompson Scholarship: Kellen Arlinghaus


  • First Year Award: Braden Bocard, Sarah Bailey, Anna Thompson
  • Second Year Award: Julie Henson, Makenna Williams, Abby Gates, Nathan Pitzer
  • Hinton Award: Ashley Fox, Emily Gum, Michelle Larberg
  • Department Chair Award: Mary Ables Ray