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“Good” versus “Bad” Plants

I thought about this nature note while working in the perennial gardens at the arboretum. You get a good dose of what’s a “good” plant and what’s a “bad” plant while weeding in unfamiliar beds. Even I have to look carefully to determine which new sprouts are “OK”, and I […]

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Spring is Here

Now, I know spring is here! Not only are all those early mustards (discussed in nature notes in years past) in bloom and fruit, but male goldfinches are turning bright yellow.

You can identify birds by their vocalizations, but you can also make use of the striking colors of some birds to […]

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Spring is On the Way!

In case you haven’t noticed, spring really is on its way. Longer day length, returning birds, increased bird calls and birds songs are sure signs.

So what’s the difference between a bird CALL and bird SONG? There is a rather arbitrary distinction made between these two based on the length and […]

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Tree Damage Due to Ice Storm

A few people have asked me my thoughts about the recent damage to trees from the ice storm. A few comments follow.

Remember that, in a forest, trees get pruned naturally. Competition for light, physical contact between closely packed trees, and the physical forces of nature (weight of snow, ice storms, wind […]

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More Getting the Jump on Spring

I hope you took a stroll around the yard and did some pruning last weekend during the warm weather. If, at that time, you noted that some of the bark on your trees was damaged in some way, don’t panic. The best thing you can do is cut off any ragged […]

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Getting the Jump on Spring

I am still on sabbatical, but back on campus until May and have heard from enough of you to know that more nature notes are needed! So, I will once again send out weekly tidbits of information to keep you inspired about the living world around you. In addition, as we […]

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Spring Spraying and Pruning

It is once again time to spray for boring insects that attack flowering dogwood and lilacs. Spraying the trunks in May and June and maybe once more in July will help prevent this problem. It is pretty hard to keep boring insects out of dogwood, but spraying with lindane can help. […]

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Tree Planting Tips

If you are looking for trees to plant in your yard, there are many things to consider. First, and most importantly, you want to be sure the species you choose will do well in the environment in which you want to plant it. The species you choose must be adapted to […]

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Lesson from Nature

One windy day as I was watching some “black birds” balancing on some less than stout branches in a tree in my yard, I thought of the faculty and staff on campus “balancing” all the work we have to complete at this busy time of the year. I noticed that when […]

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Eastern Tent Caterpillars

The eastern tent caterpillars, Malacosoma americanum are on their way out! The larvae of this species will congregate to construct a protective silken tent, usually in the fork of a tree branch. They particularly like to build tents in black cherry, apple, and crabapple trees, all of which are in the […]

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