Campus Mail Offers These Services:

  • Express Mail (2-3 Days)
  • Priority Mail (2-3 Days)
  • Parcel Post (2-7 days)
  • Certified Return Receipt Mail
  • Insured Mail
  • Delivery confirmation

Other Services for Georgetown Students Include:

  • Mailboxes for Students Living on Campus
  • Mailboxes for Commuter Students by Request
  • Students Can Send, Mail, and Receive Packages
    Note: The USPS (United States Postal Service) strongly suggests that you encourage anyone who writes to you, to use this address format:
    Your Name
    Georgetown College #(your box number)
    400 E. College St.
    Georgetown, Ky. 40324According to officials with the USPS, other forms of address may lead to delay, return to sender, your mail in someone’s box at USPO or loss.
  • Students Can Buy Stamps with G-Cards and Cash
  • Students’ Mail is Forwarded During Summer as Long as Summer Address is Kept Updated And We Need To Know If You Will Be Staying On Campus. Fill out the mail forwarding form or go to

Note to Parents & Guardians:

To ensure that all mail sent reaches its destination, please follow the following instructions:

  • When addressing letters/packages, please follow this example:
    Your Son/Daughter’s name
    Georgetown College #(their box number)
    400 E. College St.
    Georgetown, Ky. 40324
  • Do not use nicknames. Use names on file in the records office.
  • DO NOT SEND CASH in the mail.
  • On next-day delivery: Do not send express or one-day deliveries on Fridays. The mailroom is closed Saturdays and Sundays. Deliveries will resume on Monday. Therefore send all rush deliveries before Friday.

Additional Information

For assistance, please call Campus Mail at Extension 8140.