The Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Building is located at the corner of East College and Mulberry Street. Dedicated to the visual art program, it houses lecture and studio classrooms, faculty offices, and the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery.

Pierce Digital Lab
The digital lab houses 15 Apple iMacs running the Adobe Creative Suite (Design Premium), Lightroom for digital photography, Microsoft Office, iWork, and a variety of additional software. Color laser and medium to large format archival inkjet printers, plus flatbed and film scanners.

Sculpture Lab
The sculpture lab is home to a variety of mediums, including wood, metal, clay, and plastics. Facilities include an extensive wood shop with a range of power tools as well as a full assortment of hand tools, eight pottery wheels, an outdoor sculpture yard, full foundry, multiple kilns (including electric and Raku), MIG welders, oxygen acetylene torches and related metal equipment, as well as sandblasting. Facilities allow for experimental work in wood bending, plastic blowing, performance and installation.

Painting Studio
The painting studio is designed to accommodate acrylic, oil, and mixed media. Each student has a dedicated easel, work space, and painting storage.

Printmaking Studio
Printmaking facilities include the ability to work in a variety of traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques such as silk-screen, monoprint, relief, engraving, drypoint, collograph, polyester plate lithography, digital printmaking, bookmaking, and badge making, as well as an assortment of transfer techniques.

Darkroom and Equipment
Traditional wet darkroom and non-silver process capabilities, including 14 enlargers (up to 4×5) and UV light tables, as well as portable and studio lighting equipment. In addition, students have access to a variety of film cameras, including 35mm, medium format, and 4×5 sheet film.

2-D Studio
The 2-D studio is a large classroom space dedicated to drawing, 2-D design and color theory.

The Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery exhibits the work of regional, national, and international artists.