ART 170 (Topics in Art) is a course open to all students, regardless of major. The topic emphasized in the course varies and changes every semester. Past topics have included “Rock, Paper, and Scissors “Puppets and Tattoos,” and “Design via Photography.” Please consult the course schedule to see the topic being offered during the corresponding semester. This course is primarily lecture, although some sections of the course engage students in art experiences and studio work as well.

Students who intend to major or minor in art are advised to take at least one art history and one studio course during their freshman year. Of these classes, ART 115 or 117 must be taken as the prerequisite for painting; ART 119 is required before advanced 3-d work; and ART 121 is required for upper level digital courses. Moreover, all art majors should take both art history survey courses by the close of the sophomore year.

The Art Department offers the following Flagged courses which are part of the Foundations and Core Program: ART 119, 121, 222, and 395 carry the Q flag. ART 310 and ART 395 carry the W flag, ART 170 may carry a flag. See the semester schedule for details and consult the description of the Foundations and Core Program at the beginning of the catalog.

Additional Links

Consult the Online Advising Manual for Art located here.

Blank forms for declaring any major/minor are available in the Registrar’s Office and the Art Department or they may be downloaded here: Major Minor Form 2013.

Information on Declaring a Major is posted hereNote, the bottom portion of this blank form is used for declaring a minor in ART or another area.

When designing your major in art, please consult with your advisor and/or  Art Department faculty who may answer any questions about courses, when they are offered, and plans after graduation.

You may find the Major Declaration form in Art here: ART Major Declaration Form

NOTE: If you are a P-12 Certification (Teaching Art) major, your curriculum contract will aid you in completing your Major form. For that contract, click here: Art-P-12