I have been in my new position only two months and I am learning a lot! But I was very prepared with my education from Georgetown. The skills I have used most in my job actually came from my art classes and the minor I created in “Visual Communications.”

Lauren R. Hiller

As a student at GC, Lauren served as an intern Toyota Georgetown. She interviewed Team Members and prepared these for distribution on slides in the plant and in their weekly company newsletter, The Inside Track.

My second week in my new position, I was assigned to create a new internal monthly newsletter using Adobe Illustrator and my first one received great feedback about the layout and use of our brand colors. My fourth week on the job I was told that I had to create a meeting brochure for our quarterly meetings in which the whole company would receive upon coming into the meeting. I used InDesign to create that. I met with our President yesterday in order to go over the brochure I created and again, he really liked the colors and layout.

Throughout the rest of the weeks I have been having to create brand specific email HTML campaigns, update our website as well as go into the back end of our blog using Word Press in order to publish the blog entries I create. I use Dreamweaver most of the time, but have found that learning all about coding from the Web Design class has helped me greatly! Even though Web Design (ART 435) was a tough class, it would have been so much harder for me to learn all of this on my own and in such a short period of time. So I am glad I stuck it out! I didn’t realize how much I would be using those skills for my career in marketing. Now I am working on learning Adobe Premiere in order to create Youtube marketing videos.

Had I never created my Visual Communications minor and taken the art classes I did, I would be very lost and overwhelmed with my job right now. But since I did take them, I am excelling and have received an extremely positive 30-day review.