Class of 2008, Lexington, KY

I grew up on GC’s campus as a faculty kid. My mother is a professor in the Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science Division and my father used to be the Dean of Students. So when I entered as a freshman I thought for sure I was going to get my degree in Mathematics, proceed to get my Ph.D. and take over my mother’s position in the Math Department. Unbeknownst to me, I would sign up for Art Appreciation with Dr. Decker to satisfy my general education credit and wound up as an Art History Major. I had always enjoyed art but never thought of myself as an artist.

Karyn 2010 200x132 Karyn Leverenz

Karyn Leverenz, Class of 2008, Lexington, KY

A few weeks into Art Appreciation I asked Dr. Decker if I could volunteer for the Art Department which led to more Art History classes which led to a minor which led to eventually becoming a Major. By the end of it, I was doubling in Math and Art History. I think the faculty played a large role in my undergraduate career. Dr. Decker quickly became a role model not only academically but also in general life. Daniel Graham encouraged me to incorporate my love for math into my study of art helping me see that the two weren’t mutually exclusive.

After undergrad I attended the University of Kentucky’s Martin School for Public Policy and Administration where I received my M.P.A. I now work for the Bluegrass Area Development District as the Water Management Planner working with water and wastewater utilities to plan, finance, and manage infrastructure projects. I also write and administer state and federal grants for the communities within our seventeen-county district. Sometimes I get to travel to D.C.  I love all things fuzzy and snuggly, reading and the internet. Occasionally I write things for the GCVA blog.