In the time since I have graduated from Georgetown College much has happened in my life to lead me to my current location. As a student at Georgetown College I was very active in all aspects of the Art Department, and loved my chosen area of focus, Art History. While a student, I worked with professors as a research assistant, studio assistant, and as a department assistant. I also worked in the Art Galleries at Georgetown College, with installation of exhibitions and with curating of special shows. In addition, I gave tours around the collections and Public Sculpture at the college. I studied abroad in London, England in winter break over 2009-10 where I learned about museum history and feel in love with the city. By the time I had graduated from Georgetown I had spent time studying in many different fields including Art History, Religion, Women’s Studies and Photography—all areas of which I still have interest.

Cortney R. Thorn, Class of 2010, Tallinn, Estonia

Cortney on July 7, 2013 in Keila, Estonia

Immediately after graduation in December 2010, I worked as a Substitute Teacher and I spent time living in the desert of southern Arizona doing Humanitarian aid work. I then moved to London started a joint Masters degree in Art History and Visual Culture. While in London, I had an internship with Waterhouse and Dodd a contemporary art gallery located in Mayfair. Working with the gallery gave me insight into how an international commercial art gallery functions in one of the world art centers. I also had the opportunity during my time living in the UK to travel and attend art fairs, biennials, and exhibitions around Europe.

Currently I am taking a break from the art world to serve as a full-time missionary in Estonia for my church. Although I never imagined taking 18 months from my career plan. I love getting to know the people, culture, and language of Estonia. Because I am outgoing I love talking to people about my faith and finding out what they believe and their stories. In my free time I am an avid runner and have completed 3 half marathons and look forward to running the London marathon in 2015. I also enjoy cooking, reading, quilting and of course traveling. I love to look at art of all kinds especially Abstract Expressionism, although since moving to Estonia I have developed a fondness for Soviet era occupation art and watercolor landscapes.