Karyn 2010 200x132 Art Alumni Stories

Karyn Leverenz, Class of 2008, Lexington, KY

Expecting to follow in her parents’ footsteps, Karyn chose a path that allowed her to fuse her loves for art and math, achieving a double major in the two areas while at Georgetown. After graduating, Karyn earned  a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Kentucky and now works as a Water Management Planner for the Bluegrass Area Development District.

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Portia photo 200x133 Art Alumni Stories

Portia Watson, Class of 2012, Kalasin Province, Thailand

A Cultural Studies area major, Portia found her studies helped her become more aware of the need for social action   in situations of injustice. Through study abroad experiences and being awarded a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship Grant, Portia has used her experience at Georgetown as a springboard for good work in the world.

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Peggy photo 200x200 Art Alumni Stories

Peggy Coots, Class of 2010, Lexington, KY

A Fine Arts student from the beginning, Peggy found strong mentors in the Art Department that helped develop her expertise. She is now a Master’s in Fine Arts student and Teaching Assistant at the University of Kentucky.

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miles art keep 200x150 Art Alumni Stories

Miles Jackson, Class of 2007, Louisville, KY

With little previous art experience, Miles fell in love with photography and the digital arts, specifically motion pictures. Since graduating in 2007, Miles has covered the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, USA Olympic swimming, won numerous Kentucky News Photographers Association, and is currently nominated for two Emmys.

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Mary photo e1373550558315 200x184 Art Alumni Stories

Mary Margaret Sparks, Class of 2006, Louisville, KY

Mary Margaret started in the Art Department by taking a class for fun, but discovered a passion for art while studying in abroad in Italy. Now she is a teacher, writer, and artist and does marketing and public relations for an artist co-op.

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LaurenToyota e1373919672376 200x162 Art Alumni Stories

Lauren Hiller, Class of 2013, Cincinnati, OH

Lauren was a Business Administration/Marketing major at GC and designed her own minor, Visual Communications, which emphasized graphic design, web, and communications courses. She is employed as a Marketing Associate for 3DVision Technologies.

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Cortney 200x150 Art Alumni Stories

Cortney R. Thorn, Class of 2010, Tallinn, Estonia

Stemming from her diverse interests as a college student, Cortney took advantage of the liberal arts experience through sampling diverse coursework and participating in a wide array of extracurricular activities. After earning her MA in Art History and Visual Culture, she has found a way to connect her interests with her passion as a missionary in Estonia.

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Angie 200x141 Art Alumni Stories

Angie Chahin, Class of 2010, New York, NY

An international student who lived in Versailles, Kentucky for a year before enrolling at Georgetown, Angie found GC a supportive and engaging community that encouraged her academic development. Now she works in consulting and real estate in New York City and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Marketing at NYU.

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Julie  200x140 Art Alumni Stories

Julie Jones, Class of 2010, Mount Sterling, KY

Julie pursued her passion for graphic design in the Art Department at Georgetown, accomplishing a double major in Art and Communication. After graduating, she discovered a love for teaching art. She has earned her Master’s degree and now teaches K-12 Art.

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Rebecca 200x200 Art Alumni Stories

Rebecca Redding,
Class of 2010, Savannah, GA

Rebecca’s education in the Art Department at Georgetown served as a launching point for design work with notable Kentucky companies after graduation. After her graduation from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), she will be prepared to continue making significant contributions in the future.

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Angelina McCoy 200x200 Art Alumni Stories

Angelina McCoy, Class of 2010,
Cincinnati, OH

Angelina grew up in an art family and found an immediate home with the Art Department at Georgetown. Through her studies she was able to grow as an artist, scholar, and individual while fostering her artistic passions. Now a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati, Angelina also teaches and works at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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