Art Department Mission Statement: The Art Department fosters an environment where the campus community can engage with works of art first hand, explore a broad range of creative expression in the visual arts, and examine the ways in which the visual arts are created and encountered. 

Engage and experience art directly

  • Due to small class size, our department thrives on getting to know our art majors.
  • Studio courses are capped at 18 students and most courses have 9 or fewer students, allowing students to take advantage of one-on-one critique.
  • Students learn from works of art first-hand in our four campus art galleries: the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery, the Dr. Donald L. and Dorothy Jacobs Collection, the Cochenour Gallery, and our newest space, Gallery 108.
  • As a result of our vibrant exhibition schedule and events programming, all GC art students have the opportunity to engage with artists, curators, and guest speakers throughout the semester.
  • Students encounter works of art indoors and out. GC’s Outdoor Sculpture Collection brings public art from nationally-recognized artists to our campus for a 24-hour art experience.
  • Students learn from professional artists and educators. Each faculty member has his or her own studio practice and research that enriches the classroom experience.

Explore a broad range of creative expression in the visual arts in varied mediums and disciplines through our facilities

  • Painting experiences beyond the easel: check out the new public art piece created by Painting students in the Spring 2013.
  • Lab with 15 Mac computers with Adobe software used in graphic design, web, and photography courses, large-format printers
  • Photography classes that teach digital and darkroom capabilities
  • Eight ceramic wheels, dedicated printmaking studio, storage for student work
  • Field trips and site visits are a part of every art history or museum studies course

Examine the ways in which the visual arts are created and encountered and further your interests through these opportunities

  • All GC art majors have the opportunity to study abroad with GC art faculty who lead trips to England, Ireland, and Greece.
  • All GC art majors are given the opportunity to enroll in an independent study or internship to further their study in a particular area.
  • All GC art studio majors have opportunities to exhibit their work on campus.


Engage + Explore + Examine = GCVA

Live. Learn. Believe. Succeed with us


Applications for Art History and Art Studio

Scholarships are due Feb. 1 for the following academic year.

Information online here.