Our Story

MosesWho would have known that two last names that begin with M would also begin a love story….

During my second semester at Georgetown College I kept hearing the name “Moses” during class roll call. Who was this person and why was he following me? It soon became clear I would have to finally acknowledge this Moses character or he might copy my schedule and I was pretty sure he couldn’t hang with me in Spanish class. Luckily Stephen A. Moses, an aspiring Biology major and a dude with excellent taste in women, was worth meeting. We shared a love of basketball, breakfast (not many people were in the caf at 8 a.m.), and Dr. Chi. We didn’t really date seriously until the end of our senior year (clearly his loss) and then he went to medical school in Louisville and I pursued my Master’s degree at UK. We married in July 2002 and nearly 12 years later I am thankful for my alphabetical luck, our life together, and a story to share with our three beautiful daughters.

Stephen A. and Cassie Mullins Moses ‘99