Our Story

09-15-201020073b503b14AMI first saw Sam in German 1 our Freshman year (1979), but thought that he was engaged since he was talking to a friend who had an engagement ring.  When Sam had a car accident in Oct. 1979, Dr. Newbery asked the class to pray for him.  I was praying for my future husband before I really knew him! When Sam returned to Georgetown in 1981, I was friends with some of his old friends (Jim Smith and Amy Leonard).  They encouraged Sam to ask me out, but I turned him down at first.(I was trying to be a good student and study.)  Luckily, he asked again and I said “Yes.”  We were married in June 1983 and began our married life at Warrendale Court in a little shot-gun house.

Sam ’85 and Sue Foster Stack ’84