Our Story

FlanaganWill and I met the summer of 1989 prior to starting freshman year at Georgetown College.  I was performing in the first annual All-State Youth Choir and we sang at Campbellsville Baptist Church where Will was a member.  A mutual friend, Gail Noe McQueary ’92, introduced us.  It was at a dance in the cafeteria a couple of months later where we met again and a friendship and relationship began.  Our four years spent together at Georgetown College was filled with shared experiences—PHA and Sigma Kappa formals, study sessions in the old library, and meals in the cafeteria.  These routines became the foundation for building a marriage that took us to Auburn University to pursue our graduate programs, and later, our careers in veterinary medicine and education.  It was at Georgetown College where our family began, which now includes Grace Ellen (16), Jackson Armstrong (12), one loyal dog, Dora Jean, and two cats.

Because of the excellent education we received, the memories we made, and the family heritage we have grown together, Georgetown College will always be a unique and special part of our lives.

Will Flanagan ‘93 and Amy Armstrong Flanagan ’93